The Reality of Cyber Threats and Responses Taken
October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and EnergyLines sat down with IT Infrastructure and Security Coordinator, Richie Field to talk about what Hoosier Energy is doing to identify cyber security risks.
Merom Safety Week
In the blink of an eye, just about anything can go wrong in a power plant, or life for that matter. Tony Crow, keynote speaker for Merom safety week, knows full well how true that is.
Construction alert
The intersection at Tapp Road and IN-37 is closed until May 2018 for roadwork on IN-37. Plan an alternative way to access headquarters.
Hollingsworth meets with cooperative
U.S. Rep. Trey Hollingsworth visited Hoosier Energy on Aug. 11.
Up for the Challenge
The Cope Environmental Center was built to educate the community through interactive, hands-on sustainability and nature-based programming for schools and other groups in the community.
Out of the Board Room with John Edwards
Edwards enjoys woodworking, a skill he learned from his father. He built two homes and enjoys helping friends and neighbors with projects, big or small.
Website redesign
The redesigned website is user friendly with easy access to information about Hoosier Energy and our member cooperatives.
What causes power outages?
Have you ever wondered what causes a power outage? Glance up to the sky and the answer likely lies above.
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