Hoosier Energy Announces New 20-Year Resource Plan
Following a year-long process, Hoosier Energy today announced that its Board of Directors approved a new long-range resource plan. The current plan is designed to provide its 18 member cooperatives with reliable, affordable and environmentally sustainable energy while saving members... Read »
Safety and training program celebrates 45 years of excellence
The Hoosier Energy Apprenticeship and Training Safety (HEATS) Program celebrates its 45th year.


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More News from Hoosier Energy

Co-op kindness –
one act at a time
If you visited Whitewater Valley REMC last year you might have seen a lot of fleece. That’s because employees were making fleece tie blankets for residents of a local nursing home. The blankets were made for the co-op’s 25 Acts of Kindness campaign that took place throughout 2019 to recognize 25 years since Fayette-Union and Wayne County REMC combined to form Whitewater Valley REMC.
Going all-electric
in southern Indiana
Electric vehicles (EV) are converging on the Midwest, albeit slowly. With their entrance, new challenges are being identified for members and cooperatives alike. EnergyLines was able to reach out to Southern Indiana Power member-consumer Bradley Lynch to discuss the challenges he faces with owning an all-electric car in Southern Indiana.
Grant helps clinic stay free
Lori Grubbs, vice chair of the board of directors for Volunteers in Medicine Dearborn, Ohio and Switzerland Counties, says the free clinic was at a crossroads when it received a $1,000 grant from the Southeastern Indiana REMC’s Operation RoundUp.
All in a day's work for facilities employee
The Facilities Department at Hoosier Energy is tasked with maintaining more than 70 locations 24/7/365. From maintaining generators to office maintenance, the team of eight keeps the cooperative running smoothly. EnergyLines followed Brad Smith for a day. What took place was average until an emergency call came in.
Safety and training program grows
The Hoosier Energy Apprenticeship and Training Safety (HEATS) Program is celebrating its 40th graduation this year.
Co-op board members gather to learn about power provider
With member-cooperatives located across central and southern Indiana and southeastern Illinois, it can be challenging for co-op leaders to meet. To help, an event at Hoosier Energy’s Power Delivery and Operations Center was held for Board members to learn about their generation and transmission (G&T) electric cooperative.
Building your company's safety culture to succeed
During safety week at the Merom Generating Station, keynote speaker Garrison Wynn explained a process that helps communicate effectively and improve an organization’s performance. It all starts with a strong safety culture.
Keeping safety and health a top priority
The health and safety fair at the Merom Generating Station showcases some of the great benefits Hoosier Energy offers.
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